lcd coonection

i am using lcd 08335 for my project.i have coonected lcd through
ribbon cable.
i am sucessfully running angstrom os through beagle board.but i am not
geting any display at lcd
that i connected to begale board.My board is rev c3

I am not familiar with that LCD panel. Additional information would be helpful.

If it is a typical LCD panel and you connected it via ribbon cable, I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t ever work. You will need to translate the signals from the 1.8V put out by the Beagle to those levels needed by the LCD, whatever that may be. This means you will need buffers on a board to do the translation. Not to mention a backlight power supply for the LCD.


i assume you are refering to the sparkfun item number that is a variation of the playstation portal lcd:

if that is the case, as Gerald has stated you need level shifters as well as seperate power supplies. the PSP display has some very tight power tolerances and isn't exactly the best choice for a lcd to use with the beagle.


Thanks Dave for the added information!!