lcd for rev c3 board

i am using rev c3 board for my product.can u tell me which which
lcd and touch screen(brand name of lcd) is best.drivers for the lcd
should be available with lcd.i am planning to use 4.3" lcd

Beagle is not supported for use in products, we will NOT support such in production ,nor will we honor the warranty if it is used in a product. We have a limit to how manty units can be purchased and we do not have the production capacity to support high volume production of Beagle as it would take away from the community. The Beagle is a community board. Not to mention the fact, that the Rev C3 is no longer in production.

If you want to use the open source Hardware design and build it yourself as your own product, then that is up to you. If you choose to do so, it will be at that point become your product.

We have other third parties that provide modules for use in products, such as Gumstix and Kwikbyte. I suggest to you contact these companies for volume purchases of their boards for use in your product.