LCD Header

Looking at the schematic for the LCD header on Rev. C, I see that the
pin numbers are mixed up, they don't follow a logical order. For
example, the symbol for the first header (J4) has pins going from
1-10, then 17, 12,13...

I'm slightly confused by this because normally when I design symbols
like that, they only do not follow the logical order of the pins on
the physical circuit component if its helpful to do so with regard to
the layout of the schematic (or there a lot of NCs that I do not need
to wire up), and I rarely have to do that with components like

back to the BB, can I assume for example, that pin no. 11 (counting
from the top) on the actual physical header J4 is actually not
connected to DVI_VSYNC but to DVI_DATA23? i.e the visual ordering of
the pins on the symbol does not correspond to the ordering on the
actual board? I just need to be sure, so that I don't make a wrong

This was done to facilitate the layout and not add additional layers to the design. The layout guy modifed the schematic in an odd way to reflect the pin swapping he did. He kept the names in the order instead of the pin numbers. I plan to reorder the symbols to at least keep the pins in order in the next release of the schematic.

Follow the pin numbers. Pin 1 is in the bottom right corner of the connector with a heavy silkscreen. Pin 2 is directly across from it on the other side of the connector. The pin number on the connector matches the schematic pin number.