LCD TFT for BeagleBone board

Dear BeagleBone friends,

I am in process of creating a modified version of the BeagleBone and most likely many people are also working on CAPEs that will have a fancy TFT display – it is always a problem that LCD TFT should be(come) supported by the (official) BSP, … and also remain affordable too if one wants to move to mass production in a later phase.

So in fact I would like to add an LCD TFT display that is supported by upcoming BSP, low cost (Multi-Inno, Truly, Three Five, NEC, Sharp, TPO, … ) and preferably a 4.3 or 7 inch LCD TFT display (color) –

Probably many BeagleBone users are also considering this, from a more general viewpoint and wonder if one can share actual part numbers of mfg.’s that will be supported by the (official) BSP.

It would also be nice that the pin allocation could (LCD ó AM335x) is shared, as it already becomes available (work in progress), to avoid changes later in the HW as I would like to reuse BB BSP … and introduce

the minimum of changes needed in terms of FB driver. – so these P/Ns, datasheets are welcome !

Thanks for all feedback !

Best regards,

Michel Heuts