LCD works but ... FBDEv or DRM ?

Hi all,

I work with my Beaglebone black RevC ( Debian Jessie).

I’m using an LCD 7inch screen with BBB rev C.

Screen is working after using a .dts name BB-BONE-LCD7-01.00A3.dts

But screen seems not be really in phase and shake a bit. also my screen ( TX18D203VM2BPA) is 18bits so i need to activate 24 bits mode.

I did it in a A4 version and i change also the frequency fom 30Mhz to 32.32MHz 9 typical vale of my screen) in the DTS file. Compiled and moved in /lib/firmware.

It’s well loaded at boot time ( checked with cat slots).

But after reboot, LCD_clock frequency is still at 30Mhz and color is still not ok ( still blue instead of yellow) .

I know that fbdev driver is not taking into account dtb ( the binarie coming from dts).

If i don’t ask to load my dtb, lcd is not working so i guess the video driver used is DRM.

But why my modification are not taken into account ? I just modificate the field clock frequency and bpp from 24bits to 16.

Is there something special to do that i didn’t catch ?

Thanks a lot for you precious input !