LCD3 and LCD4 for bone

A couple questions about the lcd3 & lcd4 for the bone:

1. Where can I find specs and a datasheet for the chosen display panels?
2. How bright are these displays, I'm hoping at least one of them
will use a panel that's daylight viewable in bright sunlight.
3. When will they be orderable?
4. How much will/do they cost?



I’m surprised no one has replied to your post. I’d like to see the answers as well.



The BeagleBone LCD3 uses the Elpa Displays model S035Q01 (datasheet attached). It is currently at the final prototype stage and will be available in 4-6 weeks at an approximated MSRP of $70.

The BeagleBone LCD4 will use the NewHaven Display model NHD-4.3-480272MF-ATXI#-T-1. You can download its datasheet at the NewHaven’s product page:

LCD4 is at the initial prototype stage and will be available in 6-8 weeks. Its MSRP will be available soon.



T0112 S035Q01_V1.pdf (1.08 MB)

Thanks Hieu,

The lcd4 looks like it will be a much improved display over the lcd3
(niether one will be bright enough for outdoor daylight use though).
would you (or someone else on the list) happen to have the specs for
the panel used by the lcd7 or a link to what panel is used and it's


The same people that just sent you the LCD3 and LCD4 information have that infomation…


Thanks Gerald,

Hopefully they'll reply. Just figured as the lcd7 is in production
and orderable now someone might know that either has one or is part of
the team that builds them.


Just go to the support site. You will see it is a ThreeFive dsplay.


Thanks Greald,

Either I'm completely blind or that page was just edited. I looked at
the wiki page multiple times and missed that.


(checking the wiki history, it would seem I'm blind... lol, thanks for
pointing to it)

WIKIs can be awful busy! Easy to miss things!