LCD4 Cape Overlay Goof?

There seems to be a problem with the LCD4-00A1 cape overlay. The
overlay includes support for four buttons, while the actual board seems
to have five, and one of the four GPIO pins configured in the overlay is
*NOT* actually used by the hardware (per the schematic).

Before I send in a patch, it seems like this would have been identified
and fixed before now. Am I just missing the proper overlay somehow? I
am building the kernel using the scripts from (tag 3.8.13-bone68):


It's 5 key's, when i redid this for v3.14.x and tested


That matches what I expect based on the schematic, and differs from the
3.8.13 overlay.

It's a travel day for me, but I'll format a patch for 3.8.13 and send it
out soonish.