lcd4 driver for beaglebone black.

Hi, I have a 4D systems 4.3" lcd cape (this one).
I wan’t to keep the size of the system that I am making as small as possible, So I thought of using the LCD from the cape, along with the adafruit LCD firend. At firtst try I did not get it working. So I did what I instinctively do, and checked the datasheet of the 4D cape. There was an eeprom on the board, which allowed the begalebone to identify the lcd drivers required to run the lcd. (LCD4 drivers). So, I connected the LCD through the adafruit LCD friend, and connected the I2C of the beaglebone to the 4D systems board, and


Well the lcd worked. No problems there. But now I have to fit the 4D systems board in by device, so I am back to square one.

I thought of programming another EEPROM to replace the $D systems board, but then I realised, that my device will definitely be using the same LCD thoughout it’s life, so why not make it so that the Beaglebone directly loads the required drivers without having to read the eeprom.

And this is where I am stuck. I am more of a hardware guy, and don’t have much of a clue about what a LCD4 driver looks like, let alone how to make the Beaglebone black load it.

Please someone help me.

I believe you will have to modify and recompile the kernel.

Otherwise this link might be useful: