LCD7 Cape

You will not get anything if you run the Camera app (I assume the Cheese app) without the Camera Cape attached. Did you follow the instructions here It doesn’t say anything about running the Camera Cape.


I should have read my post… Left the entire camera part out!

Yes I have the following:
Beaglebone Rev A6
LCD7 Cape
3.1MP Camera Cape

And I followed these instruction…

Required setup:

  • A BeagleBone 3.1MP Camera Cape
  • A BeagleBone (with supported software)
  • A BeagleBone LCD7 Cape
  • A 5V DC power supply (we recommend 5V - 2A)
  • A Stylus (optional)

Following the instructions below to start using your BeagleBone 3.1MP Camera Cape:

  1. Ensure the EEPROM addresses on the LCD7 Cape and 3.1MP Camera Cape are different.
    • Note: The EEPROM address is determined by the 2-bit switches SW1 on both LCD7 and 3.1MP Camera capes. Ensure these two switches are configured differently.
  2. Mount the BeagleBone 3.1MP Camera to the connectors labeled “Cape Installed Here”. Ensure BeagleBone is mounted to the other connectors.
  3. Ensure the micro SD card using with BeagleBone has latest Angstrom image.
  4. Power up the BeagleBone by connecting a 5V DC power supply to the DC connector of LCD7 Cape.
  5. The BeagleBone is now booting up. This process may take from 1 to 2 minutes. LEDs D3 and D4 on LCD7 Cape and LEDs D1 and D2 on the Camera Cape should be lit.
    • Note: For more information about LCD7 Cape, please visit its wiki page here.
  6. After BeagleBone finishes booting up, you should see a desktop with black background. This is the Angstrom desktop.
  7. Go to the system menu bar at the top, select Applications > Sound & Video > Cheese Webcam Booth to open the Cheese application.
    • Note: A stylus is recommended to use the Angstrom user interface on LCD7 Cape.
  8. A live photo preview should be displayed at the center of Cheese application window.
  9. To capture a photo, click the “Take a Photo” button inside Cheese application window.


Can you try the latest Angstrom release for BeagleBone? 11-22-12 is the latest Angstrom factory release for BeagleBone. You can find the image file and instructions on how to write image file to SD card at