LCD7: Drilling holes...


I want to build a case for my LCD7+Beaglebone black.
For that I need to drill four holes for screws at the exact position
into a plate, which will become the bottom of the case. The
screws goes into the vertical stands, which again are srewed into
the PCB of the LCD7.

I saw aZIP "manufacturing files" of a gerber/allegro format...
I dont have those programs (CAD?) nor licenses...

Is there any picture (png...or the like), which gives me all
distances, which are needed?

Thank you very much in advance for any help!
Best regards,

I suggest you contact the manufacturer on this one.


“Exact Position” in regards to a mounting screw is pretty loose tolerance. You could easily measure the board itself with fairly crude tools, make the holes as much as one mm over-sized or even more, and you should be fine.