LCD7 with BBB

I just downloaded the latest Angstrom from and the exact release is: Angstrom Distribution (BeagleBone) 2013-05-28. Anyway, I tried it out on both the BBW & BBB and both boards worked, but there were some issues with the screen overscan as well as this rather horrid high pitch noise. I am currently upgrading my system, but I can confirm that for me the aforementioned image worked for the BBW & BBB with the LCD7. I hope this helps, and I apologize for not being more insightful in the matter. Keep me posted if you figure out more on the issue!

i2c commands?


i have no record of receiving any email from you with regards to a LCD7, what email addresses did you use?

the software support for LCD7 is still being developed, and there are several versions of the LCD7 which need to be supported.



the contact form you filled out was for a sales inquiry, it was routed to sales. although circuitco is the manufacturer of the LCD7 cape, it is sold through , which provides sales, rma, and support for the product.

as i stated in the post the LCD7 support is a “work in progress” and functionality is experimental on the beaglebone black. once we have all functionality working on tested across all of the original beaglebone and the beaglebone black we will update the support matrix with a green status. you can follow the status of beaglebone black cape compatibility here:


Dave Anders

To clarify the working setup is with my LCD7 rev. A3 with a BBB A5A. I should have put this in the initial post, my apologies.