Lead time


I see that both Mouser and Digikey are out of stock of BeagleBoards at
the moment.

Mouser's website claims that the lead time is 29 weeks! Is there any
truth to this?



DigiKey should receive about 300 boards over the next two weeks. The next shipment of boards out to distributors is scheduled for the last week of December.

The next shipment to Mouser is the first week in January.


I just ordered mine on November 5th from Mouser. Current status says
they will
be shipping mine on November 16th as that is the expected date to
receive from
the manufacturer.Here is there status as reported.

Estimated Due Date

This product is on order with our supplier. Based on information
provided by the supplier, we expect to ship this product to you on the
date specified. This product is expected to be in stock by