Leaky BeagleJuice?

Hi all,

My BeagleJuice seems to drain quite substantially.

I measured the battery voltage, V_b on 3 separate occasions, with the
battery connected to the BeagleJuice circuit, but the BeagleJuice
itself is switched off (no LEDs are lit).

V_b dropped from:
3.55V to 3.22V over 64 hours (average 5.2 mV/hour)
2.76V to 2.60V over 17 hours (average 9.4 mV/hour)
3.76V to 3.59V over 16 hours (average 10.6 mV/hour)

When I disconnected the battery and measured the battery terminals
directly, the voltage stayed constant across a whole working day.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is this normal, or do I have a
broken BeagleJuice?


I guess you need to ask the BeagleJuice folks.


I would suggest that you send a mail to liquidware and ask about it.