LEDblink program with codesourcery linker

I'm having some trouble linking the LEDblink application posted on the
beagleboard eclipse site BeagleBoardEclipse. When I attempt to run the
included makefile this is the error: "undefined reference to
'__aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0'". It seems the path to the codesourcery
libraries is screwed up somehow, but the Linux path seems to be
reporting properly and the source compiles OK. Any ideas?

Found the solution. I needed to add an ABI compiler directive to the
makefile: -mabi=aapcs. This is described in the GCC documentation on
ARM options, section 3.17.2. It apparently tells the compiler to
generate code for the specified ABI. Not sure why this directive is
not included in the makefile specified on the beagleboard web site.