Leopard Cameras on BeagleBone

Hello all,

At the Univ. of Kentucky, we’re currently successfully using the BB-xM with the Leopard Imaging MT9P031 5MP camera board for a few projects. We’re looking at deploying the camera system into a new small project (literally “small”: volume, power and mass constrained).

The BeagleBone would work perfectly. Unfortunately we’re not familiar with it, I just wanted to bounce the idea off the community and hopefully get a good feel for how much effort this would take. It would be a shame to spend a semester’s worth of work on something that is a dead end, I would appreciate your insight and experience.

  • Has anyone successfully interfaced a Leopard camera with the BBone?
  • Would our BB-xM source work on the BBone? What would we have to modify (camera drivers maybe?) ?
  • How easy would it be to create the camera header from the available pins?
  • Finally, what do you think is the best way to miniaturize a camera board: Porting SW to the BBone and create a camera header, or re-layout the BB-xM onto a smaller board?

Thanks in advance!

re-layout the BB-xM onto a smaller board?

this is definitely the dead-end. Don't even think about! :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s definitely dense and there’s a lot going on on that board, but we would basically remove a number of components we don’t need, like the USB and Ethernet interfaces to make the board fit.


and in addition you will have to route traces for 0.4mm BGA, then
solder all of them. Good luck!

Thanks lisarden. Anyone else have experience with this? How compatible is BB-xM code with BBone?

Thanks again,


Or you can by a processor module based on DM3730. Then you will have
to deal only with 2-layer very simple board. Moreover you board will
stacked with the module and therefore dimensions will be less. Search
the internet for an appropriate solution. Swiftmodule is a good
starting point. Porting default BB-xM BSP will be a piece of cake.


I am trying to get the Leopard Imaging MT9P031 5MP camera to work with the BB-xM. Could you send me some pointers on how you got the driver to work. does your BB-xM have a gui interface for camera viewing? What kernel and distribution are you using?


Hello Samir,
I am currently trying to interface leopardboard camera module LBCMVGA with my BB-xm. Can you show me the procedure required to interface it?
I am planning to do some image processing with the camera. Can you suggest me the basic functions to start with as i am new to LINUX and th BB-xm?


Nathan, Collesus,

This is the OS image we’re using:


In the comments, it shows you how to snap a picture using media-ctl and yavta.


Thnx Samir,
I am trying out your site. I’ll reply to you after loading it. And one more question Samir,
How to use eclipse as a host and BB-xm as a slave?
I heard that it is possible to do that. Can you let me know about it.
How to use the serial cable for sending the data for processing and getting back the result?

I managed to use eclipse to develop and debug through this link:
Hope it helps.

I just ran into your post on this thread. I also had the sam problem and solved it using the CDT tool in Eclipse. If you are still interested in knowing the process you can have a look at my tutorial page:

This is a work in progress and I am still updating the contents, but hope that this would help.