Leopard Imaging LI-LBCM3M1 Camera Support in Linux kernel 3.0 +

Hello list,

recently I bought a LI-LBCM3M1 Camera from Leopard Imaging and I would
like to make it working with the latest Ångström release based on 3.0
+ kernel

Looking inside the kernel recipes there are no references at all to
Aptina sensors patches !

are they merged into the kernel sources ?

Can anyone provide me some hints ?

Thank you


this camera worked in 2.6.32. Why should not it work in 3.0?

2012/1/16 Ayoub Zaki <ayoub.zaki@googlemail.com>

The kernel 2.6.32 (linux-omap-psp-2.6.32) has a bunch of patches to
support LI's cameras :


apart from this kernel version there is no reference to those patches
again :