Let's Make a PIPBOY / ECHO Device -- Built for communication, navigation, and Safety!

So to start off I don’t have much time right now I am always busy busy so I will come back and add more when I have periodically throughout the day have more time.

Basically I have been researching the Beaglebone for two years+ and I am by no means any expert with it, that said I do know that the Beaglebone could provide a hardware solution to a 3.5" touch screen wrist-phone built for Peer 2 Peer Communications, Security, Navigation (with most importantly topographical maps), and even advanced features like Modular Open-Source Add-ons as well as Health information about the user, and even perhaps, pre-loaded survival guides that loads suggestions of health/survival tips based on terrain and operator health.

I’m comming out in the open about this for the first time becuase I saw the movie trailer where some kid gets hired to another company to spy on another company and it ended up being a touchscreen watch, That is relevant because it means the world needs this or if perhaps they need my idea.

My research into the watch consists of the following: (All completed researched listed here)

*GPS hardware working with the beaglebone and outputting correct GPS data
*Using projects like Open street maps to display maps of your current location (limited functionality)

*Accelerometer/Gyroscope hardware working with the beaglebone. (Could be used for GUI, or dead recoking with in conjunction with GPS data to help with LAT/LONG coords while in a building or under a tunnel.)

*Properly powered L.E.D.s to create a flash light, (As well as a dis-orienting mode: For operators that don’t admire carrying a gun around for w/e reason they can use a dis-orienting light to evade attacks in parking lots or where ever).

*Properly Powered laser pointor (for meetings, or may be the vocally handicapped can point to areas of interest)

*I have purchased a volume dial (those black wheel ones) and can send analog signals to the beaglebone of the currently desired volume (opensource could allow operators to switch what this dial does freely, connect it to their smart TV perhaps).

*Alcohol, Methane, Hydrogen, and air quality sensors (This may not be practical due to power constraints), but could be very useful for testing your BAC level before driving or operating heavy machinery. or perhaps you fell a sleep with your cigarette and the air quality sensor will start vibrating your arm to wake you up that something is burning.

*Altimeter works with the beaglebone (GPS gives altitude but an altimeter can give an accurate altitude – this is with out satellite help too)

To show I have programming legitimacy here is my Github https://github.com/Xenland I have some QT apps but mostly are PHP