Hi, does anyone know if libpruio works also for this kernel version? (


For libpruio you need to switch the uio pru option, for that kernel see
this note:


Thanks Robert,

But /boot/uEnv.txt it shows this

Then, Is PRU enabled by default?


it's setup for ti's remoteproc_pruss, so you need to:





I love how easy it is to switch now, but maybe I should submit a patch to convert it to rproc. I did a simplified tutorial on a PRU hello world with rproc:

Hello, I am getting some issues to setup the libpruio to work with C. I am following this tutorial

I’ have enabled the PRU

and I am trying to install libpruio following the step 3 from the tutorial but i got this error

I am doing some wrong?

Still, Is the tutorial working for this kernel?



You can't mix and match u-boot/kernel overlays, in /boot/uEnv.txt




Hi Dario!

Once you get the dtbo running, you’ll find out that neither pinmuxing nor PWM output from PWMSS will work with libpruio-0.2. Some paths in sysfs changed between kernel versions 3.8 and 4.x (related to pinmuxing). And the clock setting for the PWMSS changed. After all, libpruio-0.2 will work best with 3.8 kernel versions.

I can provide my current source libpruio-0.4. It’s prepared for 3.8 and 4.x kernel sysfs, has some more features (ie. TIMER and QEP). Software works OK, but docu isn’t finished yet. In order to get PWM working, it needs some changes in the default device tree. And you’ll have to compile the source on your system. (I can provide email support in case of trouble.)

Let me know if you’re interested.


Yes, I am interested, I will work with the ADC converter, but I would also like to use the PWM output



OK, I uploaded the (experimental) stuff at

Find some hints on preparation in file

I guess the package installation wont work, so you should follow the guide for experts (section Tools {#SecTools} and following).

Please give some feedback (trouble or success).


I just found out that the instructions for getting the PWM output is missing.

Please do the installation and package building first. Once done, I’ll explain how to adapt the default device tree for PWMSS.



I am interested in use libpruio, and I would like to know if you were able to use it in that kernel version.
I will work with the ADC too, so maybe you can give some advice to install the libpruio and how to use it.

PD: I’m using this kernel version: “Linux beaglebone 4.4.82-bone19 #1 Mon Aug 14 21:56:51 UTC 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux”

Hi Jaime!

In one project I've libpruio-0.4 running on


It should be possible to run it (version 0.4) on your kernel version as
well. But it's a mess to install on 4.x kernel versions (recompiling of
inertial device tree is necessary to get all PWM working). And I didn't
finish the docu yet.

So if you want a precompiled binary and complete docu, you'll have to
switch to a 3.8 kernel version with libpruio-0.2.

Otherwise, you can download and compile the libpruio-0.4 source here