Library of Arduino-compatible functions for StarterWare Project

I am Sumeet Kumar Barua, 3nd year in B.Tech ( Electrical and Electronics Engineering ) in International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar, India.
I wish to participate in GSoC 2014 (topic:Library of Arduino-compatible functions for StarterWare Project )and am interested in joining the Beagleboard community.

Work experience: I am comfortable with c/c++/ code composer studio coding and electronics hardware skills. I have been using Arduino for my Robotics work. Also I have participated in TEXAS INSTRUMENTS ANALOG DESIGN CONTEST 2014 and worked on “currency identification solutions for visually impaired”.
I have worked with TI DSP TMS320C6713 as our major part for image processing.
Further I changed to beagle board for this purpose as it provides much easier way for camera interferance and more memory and am stil working on it. It also posses good features of handling programs through simulink in MATLAB.
I also have idea of starter ware C6748 of texas instruments.
It is a good initiative to create userspace libraries which have function calls like digitalRead, analogWrite, etc. i.e. to keep them as similar to the Arduino environment.
Now further I want to gain more knowledge on this given topic and proceed with the project in a new effective way.