Librobotcontrol and Testing/Oh and that older post


I while back I posted something about Librobotcontrol. I cannot post another post in that specific post for some reason. So, I thought I would update anyone who is interested in Librobotcontrol.

I made some mistakes at first and did not dive into the source as I should have from the get-go.


P.S. It seems to be working well and using the simplistic Makefile w/ make works just fine. Thank you for making this lib. available.

Hello Again,

I tested the pause button and the file given for first go-arounds. Nice!


P.S. I can see me using this lib. more often than not now. Anyway, if people are building neat things, post! Not only is this a community of issues, concerns, and errors, posting nice ideas works too. Oh! Maybe making a section for product support and “tell-all” may be helpful. Probably not but who knows? Instead of general or miscellaneous, people may be geared towards a specific Cape or add-on board, e.g. MotorCape, ServoCape, making things w/ the ProtoCape, and/or others… Hopefully, people are making more ideas come to life currently. I am always in the mood for new adventures in the land of the Beagle.

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I am still fooling around with making the BBBlue fly. Anyway, I just picked up Librobotcontrol again.

It is installed. The drivers are all working and reporting back good signs.

Do I need to attach the PRU to the Receiver in question?


P.S. If you have time and you understand the librobotcontrol source, please try to make time to reply. I currently am using DSM2 (UART) for my RX and a DSM2 transmitter (TX). I am currently trying to make time to upgrade the lib. for Bullseye but it seems more has changed than expected.


If you are still out there and doing things w/ Librobotcontrol, please reply one day. I understand that everyone is busy and building and making products.

I am not in the way of this fact but…

  1. My orangeRX and DSM2 transmitter need your guidance.
  2. Do I place the orangeRX port to the PRU port on the BBBlue?
  3. Is librobotcontrol being ported to Bullseye in the future or is it EOL?


P.S. Whenever people get around to it, thank you. If you cannot exercise forum chat, please think about it for this little fellow from Sportsman Paradise.


I have five ports on the Receiver, OrangeRX R820X V2, that will do something or another thing. I have a link to the V3 here: R620X-R1220X_V3_manual ( .

It seems that nothing is allowed on the receiver in the form of DSM2 (UART) on the BBBlue to the connections on the receiver. Would I use AUX1-3 or one of the ports that have the JST-ZH (Three Pin) type connectors?

I have tried many different available options and I have failed so far. If you are like and using the librobotcontrol library, please reply.

For game here, I am having trouble w/ where to place what goes into the PRU pin on BBBlue and what ports pins are needed on the receiver for the DSM (UART) connection on the BBBlue.