not found

Hello. I try to use cross compilation under windows.
My board is BeagleBone Black with Angstrom.
I downloaded toolchain from
If I compile programm with gcc, after deploing I can run it with out problems. If i use g++, after deploing I
receive not found.
I search this library on board it is exiest.
If i compile the same program directly on board using g++ it runs perfectly.

If I use ldd on programm compiled on windows mashine, ldd writes not found.
If I use ldd on programm that compiled on board ldd shows pathes to librarys.

I checked /etc/ all possible pathes is writen.
I tryed to copy to angsterm library pathes, but it is still not found after run programm.
Do you have any ideas?

Two possibilities …

The file you found is actually an Intel shared-object file and not an ARM shared-object file,
The file names are the same, but the files are very different, since compiled for different target computers.

To cross compile in a Windows environment, you need a full set of the ARM shared-object files
to link to. The ARM computer/executables/ can not see an Intel shared-object file,

So you may have some kind of mixed environment problem with your cross-compiler set-up.

Could be a Linux permissions/ownership problem.Likely in one case, the file is owned by ‘root’, and in the other case, file is owned by a user.
Examine the all files and the executables using ls -al
change the ownership with chown if necessary.

— Graham