Life cycle BBB

Hello everyone,

I’m looking into the possibility to use a BeagleBone Black in a commercial product.
I’m so far that i know i may use it and on the side of numbers isn’t so big (less than 50 a year).

The main problem is the rate at which the designers update the board. I know they will take the right into their own hands when it comes to that and who would blame them. But at which rate do they do this? Say every 5 years when they have an update or is it highly irregular?

I someone could give an insight in this i would really appreciate it.

Kind regards,


There is only one designer. The design would be updated as required to keep up with part EOL and any other issue that may arise that needs fixing. You can look at the history of the changes to the design on the Wiki to get an idea on what the history of these events have been.

Any functional change would result in a different board, no features or removal of features will happen on the board so there should be no compatibility issues.