Lightest distro for BBB

Hi guys,

I have an idea for an OpenCL project, so I need the lightest distro or a way to make a distro take up as less CPU resources as possible! Can you help me with this?

I’ve tried my luck on Google and did not find, what I was looking for.

P.S. I am a Linux noob, so please go easy on me and thanks in advance!

Did you look on the support Wiki? The URL is on the card that came in the box.


There is nothing said about the “weight” of the OS compared one to another. This is why I was particularly interested in people’s opinions based on their experience, for example or some sort of overview of this parameter.

Although I am not, in any way, an expert, I have been experimenting with many different distros on my BBB. So far, I have tried Debian, Ubuntu, Angstrom, and a few smaller ones. I haven’t seen much of a performance difference, as long as you are running a headless system (no desktop environment). It’s usually 0.8% - 1.3% CPU, and about the same RAM utilization, while connected with a SSH and SCP connection. I don’t think the weight matters when it comes to your project. What will matter more is which best suits your needs in terms of APIs, package lists, and other personal factors.

Asking a question of this sort will only, or even can only result in a zealot war. The question you should be asking yourself is which distro you prefer. After answering that question for yourself, common sense should step in.


-Linux is Linux.

for my project i just remove from angstrom running services like cloud9, bonescript101 and other stuff i not gonna use and with that the boot up time (until my app runs from power on) was reduce from 40-50s to 25-30s