Lighttpd web site and Wireless Ethernet just decided to quit

Well where do I begin? I used the Element 14 tutorial to install Lighttp web server and created a small web page to test it. This also made use of php. Everything worked as advertised. Added a few pages and tested again everything worked. I then moved on to install a wi-fi module using the Adafruit tutorial. Once again everything worked as advertised. Some time passes and for no apparent reason neither work any more. The only difference between the time these worked and the time they didn’t is time. No changes were made to the system or the web pages. I have tried re-installing the kernel which was already the latest, the wi-fi and lighttpd/php. Still no joy. Any thoughts would be welcome.


I haven’t read the tutorial, but here are some questions/suggestions.

1- Is the Beaglebone powered by an external 5V supply capable of at least 2A ?

2- Is the WiFi dongle connected directly to the USB connector? Try an extension cable.

It could be that your original setup was marginal, and as the cpu loading went up the noise and

power consumption went up too.


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