Link to specific version of the BeagleBoard system reference manual

Hi all,

Is there a canonical URL for a specific BeagleBoard System Reference
Manual? I'm
writing some documentation and want to specifically refer to revision
C3.0, but I can
only find it linked as BBSRM_latest.pdf on the website, which is
likely going to change
to be C4 in the near future, rendering my article which refers to
specific page numbers
mostly useless. Any tips?



P.S: Is it "BeagleBoard" or "Beagle Board"? Website uses "Beagle Board", the SRM
title has "BeagleBoard".

Here is where they all are kept.

There is a new version for rev C3 coming out soon. The rev C4 will be a few weeks away. We will keep both the C3 and C4 at this location.


I've uploaded updated versions of the Rev C3 documentation to the
website. The latest system reference manual is always at:

git clones of the beagleboard website will pull at least this
version. Older versions may be only archived on the Amazon S3 server.

I second,

There should be an official HRM Rev C3 and then the new one HRM C3.1
and so on. And then, of course, HRM Rev C4.0

I would also like to know do we talk about "BeagleBoard",
"Beagleboard", or "beagleboard"? Gerald, please advice!


This is the way we label them and they will be posted on the hardware design material page.

It is BeagleBoard.


2009/12/14 Seppo Nikkilä <>