Linphone for Angstrom distribution on Beagleboard


Linphone 3.2.1 on Angstrom distribution for Beagleboard was seen working. It was cross compiled manually for Angstrom distribution and has been tried on Beagleboard image available and with resolving some dependencies, the application was seen working with no call drops on either ends. Audio quality with PCMA option was found fine and video quality has been tested with H.263 1998 codec on Beagleboard and Native and found to be ok however the video was having a little slower frame rate than expected. We were using CIF resolution currently. Also have tried to use openembedded and include linphone 3.2.1 version as part of image and build on the latest codebase. Have seen it working even with using OE, but with same quality as that of cross compilation of linphone on Angstrom

I have few queries on linphone

  1. Have anyone tested Linphone with H.264 codec on Angstrom? if so please post your comments.
  2. What is the maximum resolution of linphone that was tested on the beagleboard till now?


Please help me how to cross compile linphone for beagleboard .I am new to this field.My project is to build Intercom based on SIP protocol.