Linux beaglebone 4.0.0-bone0 - unexpected IRQ trap at vector 00

Hi all.
I am experiencing “unexpected IRQ trap at vector 00” problem on my BBB.
This suppose to be fixed in 3.14 version of kernel as per:


Can anybody tell me if this patch has been implemented in 4.0.0-bone0?

Kind Regards

Did you look at the git history?

btw.. the stable rules state.. before a patch can hit stable, it has
to be applied to mainline..


I've had this happen maybe a handful of times in 3 mos., so that's made
it difficult to track down.

How repeatable is this for you?

Peter Hurley

Thank you very much for your answer Robert.
No I haven’t looked anywhere, I am total newbie.
All i know is how to compile a kernel using your and install it.
I have no idea where is a git history.
I don’t know how to check if this patch has been applied to mainline.
I can’t even locate this patch anywhere to download :slight_smile:
I tried manually applied it just using vi, but it doesn’t match cpsw.c downloaded by your scripts.

If it is not applied to 4.0.0-bone0 then I will wait and learn a little bit in a meantime.

Kind Regards

I checked earlier, it's part of v4.0.x..

What issue are you seeing?


I observed exactly the same behavior in kernel 3.8.13.
The only difference is, I was able to capture more using debug console.
here is the dump:

In 4.0.0-bone0 there is only: “unexpected IRQ trap at vector 00”

Great, thank you.
This means it is related to something else.

Hi Peter.
I replicate this as many times as I want.
I have got can0 interface and SIM908 connected to ttyO2 (GPS) and ttyO4 (GSM).

To achieve this all I need to do is:
Option 1:
run candump can0 in one session of putty
cat /dev/ttyO2 (gives GPS position) on second putty session
Wait a little bit, sometimes minute, sometimes 10 or more

Option 2:
run candump can0 in one session of putty
start download of 20-50Mb file using modem on ttyO4 and wget.

I would say it is CANBUS related, but the result on debug console matches the patch pointed above:

“unexpected IRQ trap at vector 00”

Kind Regards

I found one more patch with same problem:

Is this one also applied to 4.0.0-bone0?

Sorry for all those questions, I am like a child in the fog.