Linux classes at Embedded World

If you are at Embedded World, see and search for “Introduction to Embedded Linux”. First session is completely full, but they’ve added at least one more.

You can also find folks from Texas Instruments, Octavo Systems, GHI Electronics, Element14, Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow and many more there this week.

Details on this class…

Introduction to Embedded Linux / Theory and Practice Crash Course:
Description: This one day training class uses hands-on exercises combined with instruction to illustrate some basic concepts of Embedded GNU/Linux.

Hands on sessions are performed with a toolchain/rootfs built by the freely available Yocto Project, on an embedded board. This enables you to take the course material home and work with it. The whole workshop is designed to bring you quickly up to speed. The concepts and commands necessary to make effective use of Embedded GNU/Linux are described through a combination of theory and on-the-job training. Don’t reinvent the wheel, but learn from an experienced trainer and take home a working knowledge of Embedded GNU/Linux and the ability to use it effectively in your own embedded development project.

Intended audience: Project managers, software, hardware, development and systems engineers, technicians and those interested in technology who want to try to understand as quickly as possible how Embedded GNU/Linux works.

The trainer will bring laptops and technical equipment.

Since 1993, Robert Berger gathered practical and managerial experience in software design and development for embedded systems with and without hard real-time requirements. Since the beginning of the 21st century, he has used GNU/Linux on desktop and server class machines, but mainly for embedded practices (automotive, industrial control, robotics, telecoms, consumer electronics, etc.). Robert regularly attends international events such as “Embedded World”, “Embedded Software Engineering Congress”, “Embedded Systems Conference”, and “Embedded Linux Conference” as an expert and lecturer. His speciality is mainly training, but also consulting (in German or English) worldwide. Robert’s expertise ranges from the smallest real-time systems (FreeRTOS) to set-ups with multiple processors/cores and embedded GNU/Linux (user-, kernel-space, device drivers, hardware interfacing, debugging, multi-core, Yocto Project) with a focus on free and open source software. Robert is a globe-trotter. He is CEO & Embedded Software Specialist at Reliable Embedded Systems - Robert Berger e.U. which is based in St. Barbara, Austria, and when not traveling, lives with his family in Athens, Greece.