Linux.inf for Vista64 and...


Can someone guide me on how to get linux.inf file for Vista64 ? I am
running Kubuntu under Sun VirtualBox on Vista-64 Bit.

The original problem that I am trying to resolve is that I am still
unable to ping my Windows XP Laptop from Beagle (http://
hl=en&lnk=gst&q=upQuark#5deffa46a43f473c) from beagle (USB Ethernet
Gadget) so trying on a different laptop which is running Vista 64 Bit.

The intial problem still remains that since I cannot reach the windows
box from beagle (Windows to beagle ping works), I am unable to use VNC
on beagle to get the display exported to Host Laptop.

Please help me get (1) Linux.inf for Vista64 & (2) Suggestions to
troubleshoot the ping issue...
I am yet to see the Angstrom GUI because of the 2nd problem :frowning:

Thanks !!!


I recall from the past that vista (in 64bit mode) requires signed
drivers. It does not allow unsigned drivers.

Are you able to ping any other external web site ?