linux kernel 3.12.0-rc7 usb webcam 0bda:5801 uvcvideo hangs on beaglebone black


First, thank you Robert Nelson for the fine work, moving the beaglebone black forward to the latest kernels!

I’ve got a usb webcam, 0bda:5801 , that works with the TI PSP 3.2.x kernel, but not with the 3.8.x or 3.12.0-rc7 kernels. I am using the Wheezy distro. It hangs – not only with my small python extension grabber, but also with standard programs like Camorama and luvcview. The outputs from uvcdynctrl -l, and v4l2-ctl -V, seem reasonable, yet the programs hang, right away, on the first frame.

I think the problem is related to DMA, so I am hoping there is some kernel parameter that I can tweak to get it working. It is a special camera, so I can’t just toss it and choose another one.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Hi William,

I am having the same problem on a BBB with a endoscope camera that reports itself as (0bda:5801).

Did you ever resolve the issue?

I am having the same issue. Did you ever find a solution?

Care to expand on what issue your having with what specific device you
currently have?


Sorry, I had typed up a longer post, but I think it did not get saved. I have a USB endoscope camera I am trying to use with a beagleboard. Admittedly it is an inexpensive unit.

It seems to just hang on the beaglebone black, but works on another ARM linux board I have tried. I will attach some details from a test on both boards with the same USB camera

Ah, usb on 3.8 it's a little iffy sometimes.. Since you didn't
mention which distro, i'm just going to assume wheezy, change with
what you actually have.. (wheezy-armhf path)

sudo /bin/bash



Hi Robert,

Are there any plans for a 3.13-rc BBB kernel? USB video was still flakey for me with 3.12,and I think I read here that there were some more DMA fixes in 3.13?


Was working on it yesterday, so far hdmi/cpufreq/usb works on teh bbb..
am33x-v3.13 branch

as you'll find out, it's pretty minimal...


Cool thanks, will keep an eye on your site…