Linux-omap Kernel patches for beagleboard

Hi all,

I need to build a linux-omap >= 2.6.34 kernel for beagleboard.
To build a 2.6.31 kernel I used the patches (dss2 , musb ... ) that I found in the OpenEmbedded tree , but I didn't find nothing about linux-omap updated versions (2.5.34-rcx 2.6.35-rcx)

Does anyone know where to find beagleboard patches for updated linux-omap kernel versions ?

In the beagleboard wiki I found the << git:// >> repository that ,if I understood, contains patched kernel sources for beagleboard, is that correct ?

Thanks in advance

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Why don't you just use linus's mainline 2.6.35-rc's, specially since
almost everything is now in there for the beagle bx's/cx's with the


Il 20/07/2010 15.43, Robert Nelson wrote:

That's actually just a staging tree to get stuff into Linus's main
kernel now.. So you can use that or Linus's;a=summary


Hi Robert,

thanks for the good info, that most of the patches are already in the
vanilla kernel.

But in case I would like to build a specific version of the kernel
with custom config, am I wrong to think that taking vanilla 33.5 +
patch at the

would give me the 33.5 kernel with beagleboard support ?


Hi Maksym,

That's correct, that diff is for (the defconfig in the same
directory is for reference, so you can do anything you want their....)

But i would really stay away from 2.6.33 I was running into some weird
gcc issues, which is why i moved 2.6.34 to my stable tree so fast..



I guess I don't have much choice. I would like to try the preempt-rt
patch as well, and the latest version is based on 33.6. The preempt-rt
supports exactly the versions which are not popular in the beagle
world 31, 33. Hope this syncs at 35 :slight_smile:


Okay, good reason to use it..

Here's what you have to watch out for: Just stay from Ubuntu Lucid's
native compiler in arm.. (it's the one that triggered it the most for
me, Maverick's native gcc is fine)

In a rare for me (use CodeSoucery's) or the very good angstrom gcc to
cross compile the kernel..


Thanks for advice, I'll probably go with angstrom.

Thank you a lot for the good info.