linux root fs...

Hi All,
i need some advice from you guys...
Actually i took plain Beagle Linux Kernel 2.6.30 from git source. It
doesn't contain any android specific changes merged. I build the
uImage from this source. & put it in SD card in boot partition.

Now when i tried to boot the beagle board, it almost booted up but at
the end it trew an error saying kernel panic. So it was not able to
load the root fs.

So my doubt now is, how do i build the just basic root fs system for
my purpose so that i can bring my board to the command prompt. I just
want to bring my beagle board to this command prompt. so the i can
start my porting stuff with this basic beagle bootup.

can anybody please help me for the same....


try busybox


Shrinivas schrieb:

can anybody please help me for the same....

it might be a good idea to take a look at OpenEmbedded which is used to build
the demo image as well. A target like "console-image" might be what you want for
your project. The advantage is that OE knows a lot about useful filesystems and
dependencies. :slight_smile: This makes it easy to build a working one and if you need a
matching cross toolchain as well.