Linux with root filesystem


I have to use one TI tool. It requires Linux kernel 2.6.37. It is necessary to provide path to kernel sources during preparation of this tool.
So I’m not sure if I could use Angstrom, gives it kernel sources?
I thought that I could use just kernel from TI PSP site, but TI don’t give root file system. Could you tell me how to create it? I would like to have it on second partition of SD card.

press “get software” and you’ll find a lot of surprising things.

If I have standard Beagleboard C4, can I use that what is for xM prepared?

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I’m sure you can find letters “XM” on the board you have. Indeed C4 is XM

This SDK looks great. But unfortunately I can’t find any older version, there is no download for olders. Current is 5.05 and it has kernel 3.3.7 for Beagleboard. I saw that SDK 4.01 had 2.6.32 and SDK 5.02 was with 2.6.39.
I want it for SysLink. From that what I read, it has problems with v3 of linux kernel.

And I have C4 with OMAP3530. xM has OMAP3730. The board is a bit different.

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Some time ago I created simple filesystem with BusyBox. It was as initramfs *.cpio archive. It worked, but seems to be not convenient, because it was one file under host machine.
Is it possible to create file system which is seen as normal linux directories structure? And I could simply copy files there on host, when SD card is in host and then put that card into Beagle and use these files?

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I have a number of Angstrom demo filesystems which are certainly deprecated now but they are still systemV and work with 2.6.37. TI SDK contain only Matrix GUI which I consider buggy and stupid (IMHO).

please check this link:

How I could use it? Compile kernel on my own from and just use one of these filesystems, unpack on second partition on SD card.
One thing: how kernel will know about it? With *.cpio I had to set path to it. How is it here?

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SquashFS might accomplish your goals.

It should be this:
root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootwait

in U-Boot parameters? And that’s all?

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How to create squashfs for beagle bone black and how to boot up using squashfs with u-boot from sd card?
The link you shared does not contain any information
Could you please share the details.