LinuxJournal article on the BeagleBoard

Just read this:

Seems that it was a positive experience for the author, but there was some frustration with the Adobe Flash support.

Could you provide a somewhat longer summary for those of us without
Btw I've been playing with gnash, but indeed noticed not all content will play.


The article goes through a bit of the features and history, pulling
content from, then points to materials on the eLinux
wiki to get started. He intros Angstrom and Ubuntu SD card creation
and booting, giving a bit of his experience with peripherals. He
expressed some frustration with the current level of Flash support and
pointed to the future of Flash 10 on ARM. He installed MAME, but felt
like the configurations were wrong and wasn't able to reproduce the
games running that other people have shown.

The interesting part to me is how it shows the experience of a non-
embedded Linux person is able to see enough of a Linux environment on
an embedded system to feel like it really approaches the desktop
experience. Hopefully this is a call-to-ARMs for embedded Linux

For those of you already up-and-running and not just tracking Beagle
news, I'd say you can pass the article by safely without feeling like
you are missing the next-big-trick. Still, I enjoyed it.

I just found that this article is now available without subscription. Sorry if this is already known :wink:

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Dirk, thanks for the message, didn't know that.
Also added the link to the elinux page (section articles)