Loading an html file on startup

This is an odd question…

I have a beagleboard black wireless for reference.

I am trying to figure out the absolute fastest, most efficient way to load an html file (with all of the power of a browser) on startup. I don’t need or want any extra headroom or ability to browse files or any of that (meaning I don’t need a desktop in the traditional way). Just load an html file (full color, with 30FPS animation and video capability) and that’s it. I guess the closest thing I think of is like a “kiosk” type of setup.

In searching, I have run into a million options in how to potentially get what I want (opening a lightDM xsesssion with firefox on startup as an example). i was just wondering if there were options that were more “encapsulated”.

A “kiosk” setup where all it does is open a website/file on boot?

I just don’t know what to search for or what to look for. I don’t care about ideology or whatever. I just want something that works and is as fast as possible given the hardware. Not so concerned with high-res video but moreso, simple but smooth animation. This is a personal project at the moment, so security isn’t an issue.

I am fine with making my own setup (custom set of modules( but if it’s already been done why reinvent the wheel right? I wasn’t sure if there were packages I just wasn’t aware of that might solve my problem.


I think the SGX 530 onboard the BBBW is the best bet but I am a novice in the field of graphics.

Also…the ideas revolving around the SGX onboard the Linux SBC, BBBW, has an image dedicated to this particular instance of graphics: https://debian.beagleboard.org/images/bone-debian-9.12-imgtec-armhf-2020-04-06-4gb.img.xz .

That is the image from the beagleboard.org/latest-images for ImgTec who, I am pretty sure, mfg. those chips.