loading custom caped at boot

I found a post by Robert C Nelson where he says you can disable a kernel switch for building firmware in the kernel and it would allow device tree overlays to be loaded from /lib/firmware, however I have no idea how to do this. I am running 3.8.13-36-ARCH and the enable.capemgr_partno method does not work. Where can I find this kernel config switch? I have no experience with building/modifying kernels. As of now I just have a bash script loading my device tree overlay via echo (device tree) > $SLOTS.

Well good time to learn.. :wink:



Well I compiled and installed a kernel with CONFIG_KERNEL_IN_FIRMWARE=n but then my beaglebone was not detected through the USB and did not connect to my network via ethernet. I ended up just going back to the method of echo > $SLOTS with the default kernel 3.8 with a fresh archlinuxarm install. I noticed 3.19 says it has device tree overlay support, do you know of any documentation showing how to load device tree overlays in 3.19?