Loading Maverik or Angstrom on an SD

Topic: Loading Maverik or Angstrom on an SD
“Michael Fontes” I am new to Linux, but willing to try almost anything. I
don’t have a Linux based host computer. I have several PCs and my
BeagleBoard XM.
I have also not been able to figure out how to
test the Ethernet on the XM. Can anyone tell me where I
can find directions with enough detail so I can get my system running
under the new OS?

Mike Fontes

Hi Mike,
To test your card its best to first try the demo image (on micro sd card) that should have shipped with your xM.
You can connect the serial port on the beagleboard to either a serial (if your computer has one) or usb port on a windows pc. PuTTY will let you connect so your pc acts as a terminal for your beagle. Use the settings described here:
(Minicom is the linux equivalent of PuTTY) Ethernet should work with the demo image, you can check by using the ping command: Once you see that the hardware works then you can try installing another OS. Brett.