Loading SGX modules in Linux 4.x lts kernel

On a beaglebone black rev. C I try to install a custom linux kernel as described in the eewiki. So far I’ve been able to build the kernel and dts to my own liking and also build the u-boot and flash it to eMMC and it boots ok. Though with every mainline long term support linux 4 kernel I haven’t been able to properly load the SGX kernel modules. The sgx_build_modules runs ok on the host, the sgx_install returns no errors on the beaglebone but when it’s restarted I can’t find the loaded omaplfb module.

In the messages log I found this:

pvrsrvkm: loading out-of-tree module taints kernel.


But when I check the module seems to have loaded:


lsmod | grep pvrsrvkm

pvrsrvkm 221184 0


Am I missing any steps here? I did get it running in the latest 3.19 kernel.

Have you tried running modprobe omaplfb after the procedures? After I followed the instructions Robert C Nelson’s great instructions on elinux I still had to run modprobe to have omaplfb running. In which log you saw the out-of-tree module message?