Local Power Manager Questions.

Hi folks.

I need the local power manager module to rest the DSP in my application,
and I have a bunch of questions.

I found the local power management package 1.24 release. It was on the
TI website, but it was listed in some old releases folder. This version
matches the precompiled binary from the angstrom distribution (which is
nice because the module does not compile...).

Anyway, the local power manager .tgz file I got seems to be incomplete.
Most important the sources of the user-space library (lpm_api.c) is missing.

I was able to hack around that problem by extracting an object file from
one of the precompiled libraries. That object file referenced two unused


Easy enough, they never get called, so I just declared two symbols and
it linked. However, I'd have bad feelings doing such hacks. It even
seems to work fine though.

Because of the bad shape of the archive I wonder if I have the latest
and most complete archive of the local power manager. Could anyone point
me to a download location or send me the .tgz privately?

Oh - and another thing: Does anyone knows what the two functions
LPM_connect and LPM_disconnect do? When I call them they just fail. The
documentation also does not explain much about them except their
existence. I read the kernel source and they seem to be related to some
kind of transport layer..

Is that relevant for me? I only use dsplink without any codec-engine..