log-in problems


I bought a BBB from Adafruit which came with Debian installed. The console starts up Debian without requiring a username and password. For my application I need it to, and don’t know how to make the change, because I’ve never seen a Linux distro that works this way. Also, when I try to ssh into the BBB, it will not accept a password which I know to be correct. Would very much appreciate some help with these issues.


Matthew Fleming

by "console" i think you mean "lxde" window desktop.. that autologin
is setup by this line in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf


For the second ssh thing.. Are you "100%" sure your typing the correct
password? ssh is pretty important in debian/linux, on a stable
release like debian, if that where to break, it would be fixed asap..


Thank you. It now requires a login with username and password. Still can’t use ssh with the “debian” user, though. Password definitely correct. I created another user and ssh works with that. Odd.