Logging in returns to Login screen if booting from eMMC

I am working with BBB Bullseye XFCE image 2023-05-03

I have been able to image an 8Gig SD and boot from SD multiple times over the past 2 weeks.
However, each time I flash to eMMC, (by following the /boot/uEnv.txt instructions) and remove SD after flashing has booted down, the BBB when restarted goes to the login screen, accepts user ID and password, then turns to a black screen showing mouse pointer (which I can move) then returns to Login screen.
This only happens from eMMC. When I deactivated flashing in the /boot/uEnv.txt on the SD card and reboot from SD, it works perfectly.

I’ve seen this issue before, look at the space available on your eMMC, your probably close to 100%, x11/xfce needs free space to write config file/etc to actually run.

Side note, we also pre-install dphys-swapfile to give xorg/xfce a fighting chance due to all the memory pressure, but this also eats up hard drive space.


That makes sense!
I will look into the swap file, but most likely will just not use the eMMC!