login issue bb gitlab instance

Hi all,

I have tried to register on https://git.beagleboard.org/ .
an error have occurred,
and now when i try to register again it says that my email is already taken,
but when i try to do the password recovery i do not receive any email.

is there any way to contact the administrator of beagleboard’s gitlab instance to get support ?

Best Regards,

I’m the administrator. I was a bit behind in approving accounts. Try logging in with the first account you made or reset the password with that first e-mail address.

While this is welcome in #general, this request could also make sense sense in #site-feedback.

hi jkridner,

Thank you for the help,
it worked, now I have access,

yeah the error message from gitlab was confusing,
I was not sure what to do,

Thanks again!