Login Trouble after opkg update & opkg upgrade!

Hey all

i am having trouble with the login screen after performing opkg upgrade. It does not auto login and it shows 2 new user accounts (mpd & xuser). i keep getting authentication failure. I have sshed into it and run “passwd -d” for both accounts and tried logging in again with same result. If i ssh in and login as either of those users and leave the PW blank it logs in just fine. Also noticed that Shut down options on login screen do not work. it just sits there and does nothing.

Also my HDMI is acting up after the upgrade it defaulted to 720x480 and shows unknown display. but what i find weird is that the left and right side of the display are cut off (you can just barely catch the edge of the shutdown button. and if i vnc into it i get the full display (sides are not cut off) but it is at 720x480. I know this is a SW issue since everything works fine if i reflash latest image (have done it 3 times already).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This happened to me too. I sshed in and i had to create a new account/passwd and it showed up on the login and I was able to then go back to hdmi and log in.

ok thanks ill give it a shot.

Thanks Ben that worked like a charm. Now i just have to figure out the display problem.


Top and bottom of my display were clipped after upgrade but was still at 1920x1080. Changed the aspect ratio on my TV to “Fit Screen” to solve the clipping.