Long-term kernel choice

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I’m working on a project that’s due for completion in the next 3-6 months on the BBB with multiple instances that will stay in the field for approx. 3 years. We will have low-speed access to the devices, 1G GSM at best, but probably not enough to entertain onsite kernel updates during that time.
I am especially interested in solid wifi, USB and SPI implementations.
What say you, BB community - what current or soon-to-be current longterm kernel version would you take to your desert island?



3.8.x is currently what most ( all ? ) are considering stable. However 3.8.x can be flaky where USB, ethernet, and hotplug in general are concerned.

With 3.14.x the above mentioned issues are / were supposed to be addressed. Quite honestly I do not know all the details, but I can say from my own personal experience. That these issues seem to be addressed. Passed that for all intents and purposes ( my own purposes anyway ) I’d consider 3.14.x to be very stable. With that said there is no capemgr in 3.14.x, but it does not hamper the ability to use “capes” - It’s just different.

4.1.x is what I’d consider cutting edge, and unstable. Unstable only in that it does seem to work well in my own very limited personal experience. But because of being “cutting edge” there are surely various things to iron out yet. I’ve yet to find these “issues” . . .but there you have it.

That’s my own personal take on it anyway.