Looking for a way to assign a unique ID to a beagleboard xm...

*Proxy-posted for Martin*

We originally thought to use part of the mac address but that doesn't
appear to be a fixed value on the bb xm.

/proc/cpuinfo shows a cpu serial number of 0, which I'd guess means it
doesn't have one.

We could generate a random one with python's uuid module and somehow
manage that but it would be cleaner and more elegant if there was
something tied to the bb hardware.

We'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

Mabey set static ip and assign it a mac. Or there is a chip id I think.

Use the core/die id..

There's a patch floating around this user group, which uses's the
core/die id as a seed value for the smsc95xx's mac address..

I don't remember off hand how to dump it to userspace...


found it:



Thanks for the responses.

- martin

Hi Robert,

Is the core/die id a unique number on each chip, I was planning to add
a DS2401 serial number chip to our board but won't bother if we can
use the core ID instead



It is unique.


Thanks Gerald