Looking for a Windows 8 driver tester for BeagleBone drivers

Can someone grab the drivers from https://github.com/jadonk/beaglebone-getting-started/archive/1.0.1.zip and confirm they work on Windows 8? The source and how I built it is all in that repo, but I don’t have a Windows 8 machine. Before I push this into the main distro, I’d like some confirmation it works with Windows 8.

Hi Jason,

I just extracted the BONE_D64.exe file, to verify if UK was added.
Looks like we are still missing it.

For background, see:


They are installed Ok

Windows 8.1 on ASUS X45A Notebook
64 bit version

These look good on a virgin Windows 8.1 64bit install. With only the
1.0.1 driver installed. No extra permissions except the initial
beagleboard.org certificate question.

Quickly tested the main 3 USB functionalities.

USB: Flash Drive
USB: Ethernet (
USB: serial (COM3 thru Terra Term)


If I may make a suggestion ? Give us the option to enumerate, and uninstall previous driver installs. Perhaps a moot point with the latest Windows drivers, but the initial drivers were terrible in this regard.