Looking for Beagleboard-xm Linux Dev-kit

Hi all,

I need a recommendation for Linux Dev-kit targeting Begaleboard-xm may
be like TI's Android dev-kit

in other words I need a suggestion for Linux distribution to be run
on Beagleboard-xm that includes all sources; boot-loader, and Kernel
most of the resources I found online are just including pre-built
images and I can't find their source code and what tool-chain to use.

any suggestions and/or links are appreciated,

why not just use yocto? it lets you build everything you need from
the sources.



That will allow you to completetly rebuild the factory image from source

Thank you guys for your suggestions, but I am intending to develop a
device driver so I will need to change the Kernel source and may be
the boot loader frequently. is any of the suggested ways will allow me
to do that?


If you want to write a device driver, you don't need to edit the kernel
source, you just need to create a seperate "kernel module" which is built
using the kernel build system. The standard angstrom sdks should allow you
to build one as they include all the kbuild files necessary in the
sysroot, so you shouldn't even need to install the full build system as
was linked to below.

sometimes you need change the pin muxing which needed to be done
either in Kernel or boot-loader.
also if you need to build your .ko file you need to build against
Kernel source actually you need to build your kernel first to be able
to build your module.
that is why I need the sources and tool-chain.


If you need to change the kernel source, then you can use the
angstrom-setup-scripts (www.angstrom-distribution.org/build-angstrom) and
then add a patch to the kernel. The Yocto manual has some good info on
creating a patch for a recipe, and it works for oe-core too.