Looking for dd image BeagleBoard-xM RevC interfacing with leopard imaging LI-5M03

Hello all,

I have been trying for days to compile a kernel for my BBxMRevC to support this camera, I am new to both BB and Linux. The LI-5M03 uses Aptina’s MT9P031, sensor I followed the instructions at the following site https://github.com/Aptina/BeagleBoard-xM/tree/326155144cd102552c35c0224df5c42e7bd06518/MT9P031 but keep getting build errors or non bootable images. Dose anyone have an Ubuntu image I can dd to an SD card that has the Aptina’s MT9P031 driver built in the kernel that they are willing to share?


I don’t know about an Ubuntu image. I got the camera going on Angstrom. It’s mainly a question of installing the kernel driver and setting the U-Boot camera variable if I remember correctly.

There are a few threads on this, search this group for “mt9p031”.

Also see this site for binaries if you haven’t already:

I have i could not get his image to work for me, thank you though