looking for intro tutorials for BBB and circuitco's breadboard

i recently got a couple of circuitco's breadboards:


and want to collect a few simple exercises for students in a class.
i'm just starting to read the specs on the breadboard so it shouldn't
be hard to figure it out, but if there are recipes already out there i
can "steal", that would be great.

  anyone have links to simple experiments one can do with that
breadboard? thanks.


Wich kind of experiment ?

Communication with i2c / spi ?
General programming ?
Simple on board led blinking ?
Real Time stuff with the Pruss ?

i have absolutely nothing specific in mind *yet*. i've just started
playing with this breadboard:


and am looking to collect as many cool things one can do with it as
possible, for eventual inclusion in an embedded linux course. i don't
need to know right this instant whether i'll use an exercise or not, i
just want to have a list of them at hand.

  right now, my list starts with nothing more than wiring up a switch
to an LED. that will be followed by adding a GPIO pin to the mix so
the student can turn on the LED by writing to the appropriate /sys
file. and on, and on, and on.

  so for now, all i'm after are pointers to neat things to do, and
i'll figure out what to do with them, and in what order.


I think you could start with the adc, collecting some data at first in a plain text file, later add some timestamp, later add some data processing…
write it on a database
and made them available as a web page.