Looking for the fastest Multi-Microphone (=>8) Concurrent Sampling Solution for BBB.

I’m trying to build an audio processing application on the BBB. Need to sample and process concurrently 8 microphones. Looking for an off the shelf solution. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

Hi Vladimir, I have similar problem right now. Can you help me please?

Here are a few projects.





What microphones are you going to use?


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Hi Wladimir.
Thank you for your reply.
I wanna get the environment audio with 6 AMDP401 microphones and a BBB. Unfortunately I live in Iran and I have no access to Texas Instrument website and user guides.
I have a problem with recording the audio with PRU and ADC. I couldn’t find proper documents on other websites.
please, would you help me with that? I need an instruction. I am new in using this board.

best regard

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I can’t go to this link:

It will be great if you send me the user guide. Or an instruction that you know.

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